Frequently Asked Questions about the Creative Residency

The 2017 Residency runs from September 11-17, 2017.

Applications are closed for 2017.

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Can I bring my:

family, spouse, dog, friend? I really think they would enjoy it!

No. This residency is meant for you to do creative work without distraction. If you work in a creative team, each applicant must submit an individual application and note who their partner is.

I am a:

musician, sculptor, large scale installation artist, dancer, metalsmith, blacksmith, dragon-tamer...

is this residency for me?

No, probably not. This residency is open to writers or visual artists whose work is on a scale that I can accomodate in my small studio. Art that requires heat, power tools, huge canvases, clay, pouring paint and big messes- sorry! Unfortunately, I can't accomodate you at this time. If you are an artist that works large but have some proposal for doing something that I can accomodate, you are welcome to apply and include it in your application.

Who is the team who reviews the applications?

It's me, Lindsay, just one person. I review the applications and choose a Creative in Residence at my discretion. Casa Joshua Tree is my house and sacred space, and I offer it free for one week a year to further my mission of supporting the arts in this crazy world. It's hard to send an application off into the ether and hope for the best, so I appreciate your patience with me. If you have a question or issue, you can email and I will do my best to help.

I understand, but in order to apply I need to see or read samples of your work. My advice- work on your creative practice this year, make some work, and apply again next year. Good things happen one tiny step at a time.

I don't have samples of my work, what do I do?

Honesty, purpose, creative drive, and originality of content. Applications don't need to be long, but must be clear and demonstrate how you & your work will benefit from this gift, and how you will use it to serve our creative community at large. 

What do you look for in an application?